"Cancerous cell are acidic & can't grow in alkaline oxygen rich body."
- Dr. Otto H. Warburg

"Obesity, arthritis and diabetes are diseases of civilization due to acidic lifestyle."
- Dr. Ragnar Berg

"The human body is alkaline by design, but acidified by daily body fuction."
- Albert S. Györgyi

DEHYDRATION causes heath issues ranging from gastrointestinal problems, pains, migraines, muscle cramps, high cholesterol to premature aging. It causes toxic wastes to accumulate around cell tissues, turning the blood acidc, thick & oxygen-starved, often leading to strokes and heart attacks. Dehydration could eventually shut down the immune system, giving room for chronic diseases and canceers to grow.

-Dr. F. Batmanghelidj
(Founder of Watercure)


With the contaminants removed, your body will absorb 3x more water within 10 minutes, without bloating.


ORGANIQUE is light and tasty as it doesn't contain nor deposit heavy metals, chemicals & unwanted object into your body.


Mineral based, not genetically via electrical charges. Restoring body's Alkalinity is proven to enhance immunity naturally.

Acid rain due to air pollution from transportation, industrial & agricultural wastes contains sulfur and nitrogen dioxide, which pollutes natural water sources and drastically increases the acidity of the water.


Historicaly, mineral waters therapy have been widely used in the Ancient Greek, Chine, Egypt, and by the Arabians.

  • Prince Bladud was cured of his leprosy about 863B.C. via a famous spring at Bath, England
  • The first emperor of Qin Dynasty, King Yingzheng (221-210 B.C) cured his dermatosis
  • King Li Shiming (A.D 627-649) of the Tang Dynasty recovered from rheumatism drinking and bathing water from the Lishan hot spring in the east Xian city
  • King Guangwu of the Han dynasty (A.D. 25-26) cured Malaria of the water of a famous spring in Henan
  • In the post-colonial period, Americans drink from Maine's Poland Spring to heal indigestion, kidney disease, liver problems and tumors
  • In the late 18th century Europe, many famous springs ware popular destinations for the healing of digestion issues to kidney stones


1/3 WOMEN AND 1/2 MEN MAY DEVELOP CANCERS IN THEIR LIFETIME. Cancers are preventable, only 5-10% of all cancers are due to generic defects. 90-95% are caused by pollutions, radiation, smoking, excessive alcohol & sugar consumption, artificial genetically modified food, stress, and the lack of physical activity.

- The American Cancer Institute

THE AGING PROCESS IS BASICALLY THE ACCUMULATION OF ACIDIC WASTES WITHIN THE BODY. The body tries to dispose these wastes but modern lifestyle, diet and environment prevent us to. Since acid coagulates blood, the blood circulation becomes poor, causing degenerative diseases to develop.

- Dr. Sang Whang
(Author of Reverse Aging)

TREATMENT FOR CANCERS have been driven by fear and high cost, prevention is the smartest alternative. Cancer is a result of the deficiency of the immune system. The human body produces cancerous cells daily, and healthy immune system could eliminate them regularly.

- The Truth About Cancer

THE QUALITY OF WATER ARE AS IMPORTANT AS THE QUANTITY, as the water in the cells are clean and Alkaline with antioxidants to fight free radicals. Acid are protons that are mostly removed via urines & perspiration.

- DR. Gerald Pollack
(Author of the 4th Phases of Water)