To really feel the benefits of the Alkaline lifestyle,
water is premium alkaline mineral water developed by American drinking water experts more than 25 years of research. Regular consumers with digestion issues, migraines, menstrual disorders, cholesterol and blood pressure problems have reported the positive health effect within the first few weeks after switching to drinking water.


1.Absolutely no contaminants:

ORGANIQUE water is totally free from heavy metal such as lead, aluminum, copper and chemicals such as fluoride, mercury, chlorine, arsenic, nitrate as well as other unwanted contents that are harmful to your organs, while causing the water to be extremely hard for thr body to absorb, resulting in unintentional dehydrations.

2.Excellent Taste:

While traditional water often leave bitter, sour, salty tastes and irritate while swallowed, ORGANIQUE is famous for it's light and pleasan taste. It is smooth on the throat and never cause your stomach to bloat.

3.Low in hardness, absorbed instantly:

Within ORGANIQUE water, you will only find alkaline minerals such as potassium, sodium, magnesium & calcium which your cells need daily to fight acidity to remain healthy. These minerals are naturally rich in oxygen to enhance strong immunity.

4.20 times the Alkalinity & Oxygen:

Some of the high pH water in the market are made artificially via such methods as electrical charges or adding certain ingredients solely to boost the pH up. The high pH in ORGANIQUE water is the result of the natural alkaline minerals it contains. Compared to the traditional water, the alkalinity is tas least ten times to neutralize the acids your body produces daily due to body functions & lifestyle.

5.Quality hydration:

Naturopathic doctors have proven than dehydration is often the main cause of chronic illnesses. It is very likely that a 330ml ORGANIQUE actually provides better hydration than a 1 liter of bottled water of the common brands. The human body requires 2.5 - 3 liters of body-friendly water daily to restore water lost due to normal body functions, to ensure proper cell functions and effective organs' activities.

We kow that somebotteld water claims some of the facts mentioned above, but it's easy to spot the differences when on taste the different water (in room temperature, not frozen). We suggest to tyr it for a week and experience the advantages yourself.

330 ML

500 ML

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