Doctors should give less medications but educate the
public about good diets & prevention of sickness.
- Thomas Edison

Why not use glass bottles?

ORGANIQUE chooses BPA-free plastic bottle as it is the most practical and hygenic choice of today. Glass bottles for water were very popular in the older days due to the limited availability of packaging methods back then. Today however, only less than 20% of the world’s bottled water uses glass bottles.

Consumers will end up spending more due to the extra costs in transporting and picking up the glass bottles

Not to mention, the extra pollution caused by the ground transportation to pick up the post-consumers bottles to be reconditioned

Regardless of automated or manual cleaning, the manufactures could not assure no toxic or chemicals are left behind among the millions of glass bottles returned by post-consumers

What is artificial Ph?

The popularity of Alkaline water has raised the interests for many to switch. Sadly, most consumers are only focusing on the pH level instead the overall character and contents of the water. Perhaps partly due to the lack of education from the drinking water manufacturers.

One simple way is by adding baking soda to your average water, or using a water electrifying machine. The higher pH created by these methods are short-lived and proven not to bring any health benefits.

Think about it, baking sodas and electric charges could never produce alkaline minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium & sodium. If you never liked the Genetically Modified Organism (GMO), then you should think twice before choosing the right Alkaline water.

Researches have indicated that drinking high pH but no mineral contents water actually cause the body to react strongly and resulted in leaching out of valuable buffer(reserved) minerals from the bones, teeth and human organs. This could lead to anything from premature aging to chronic illnesses.

Does it detoxIFY?

Detox is often a fancy term used by marketers to provide false hopes. The real detoxification are provided in hospitals under life-threatening circumstances to remove dangerous and high levels of drugs, alcohol or poisons from the body. If you think you can accumulate toxic wastes in the body for a period, and cleanse it once in a while with fancy detoxs, you may be misled, as it would have created an environment where bacterias may grow and cause damages the bladder and kidneys.

Your body is capable of disposing toxins & wastes when properly hydrated & alkalized. However, due to the high in hardness in the traditional drinking water, it may not be available to the body immediately, hence weakened the body's four natural elimination channels, Urination (Kidneys), Perspiration (Skin), Deification (Colon) & Respiration (Lungs) to remove toxic wastes. As body’s wastes accumulated, it often cause the cells’ structure to be damaged and turned acidic, low in oxygen, which often lead to weak immune and chronic illnesses.

Can you drink organique with medicine?

Yes, if the medications are made of natural product extracted from natural sources. No, if it is one of those modern medicines which are made of chemicals originated from petrochemicals, which are very acidic.

The prevention or treatments of illnesses tend to be personal choices. Long term dependency on medications are often called sick-care as it proves the medications not functioning as wished. Pain killers and medications contain chemicals which the body has to deal with, leading to even more dehydration and potentially health compromising side effects.

Before anyone pronounced you critically ill, try to restore the proper hydration your body required, keep in mind that about 70% of the body consists of water. Coffees, teas, alcohols, juices and even milks can never replace the requirements of water in the human body. Lastly, Researchers have found that common Modern medications cause damage to key organs such as livers, gallbladders even the human brains.